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2022 Honda Pilot

  • Overview

    A grey 2022 Honda Pilot EX-L is angled left.

    The moment you take a peek inside the 2022 Honda Pilot, you immediately know it is an SUV designed for families. With up to three rows of seating, the Pilot can comfortably seat up to eight, making it a perfect choice for transporting passengers. The Pilot is a practical SUV, and it is best suited for those who desire the benefits of a minivan but would like something a little bit more stylish. The cabin is roomy and versatile and designed with families in mind.

    There are plenty of storage options throughout the interior, and there are several cup holders throughout. The Pilot also boasts a decent amount of cargo space, more than what you would expect from a typical SUV. While there aren't many large changes for this year's model as opposed to last year's, there is still a lot to love. The Pilot shows us all that a family vehicle doesn’t have to be dull and plain. In fact, the 2022 Honda Pilot has a lot to offer anyone who needs an SUV with a lot of space.


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  • Performance

    A maroon 2022 Honda Pilot Touring is shown driving toward a distant city.

    The 3.5-liter V6 paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission offers plenty of get-up and go for any application. You won’t tear up the road in the Pilot, but the solid V6 is powerful enough to get this larger SUV cruising right along. The V6 offers up 280 horsepower, which will easily get you and your family to your destination with time to spare. The hearty V6 gives the Pilot enough power to ensure that merging onto the interstate won’t take a few years off of your life. You will also appreciate the power when having to pass others on the highway. Just because you are driving a family SUV, this does not mean your commutes have to be dull and boring.

    Excellent Fuel Efficiency

    One might worry slightly that such a powerful engine means sacrificing fuel economy, but then you would be wrong. You will be happy to know that the Pilot enjoys an estimated 20 MPG in the city and 27 MPG on the highway if you choose the FWD model. Should you opt for the AWD, you can expect to get roughly 19 MPG in the city and 26 MPG on the highway, which is just slightly lower than the FWD option.** If you check around, you will find that these numbers are quite consistent, if not better, than other comparable models.

    A Smooth Ride

    There will be those who wonder how well a family SUV performed on the streets. It’s a fair question, to be sure, performance should always be a consideration when choosing a family SUV. While the Pilot might not look like it is a top performer, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Please forgive the cliche, but the Pilot will shock you when you take it for a test drive; it is surprisingly nimble for such a large SUV. Thanks to the light steering, it is quite easy to maneuver through parking lots and into tight parking spaces. We would also recommend that you load up the Pilot with family members for the test drive as the smooth ride is sure to impress even the kids. We’re not trying to pull any punches here, the Pilot might not handle like a sports car, but it certainly holds its own among the competition.

  • Interior

    The black interior and dash is shown in a 2022 Honda Pilot Elite.

    The Pilot is a family vehicle, and this becomes quite obvious when you consider that there are 16 cup holders throughout the interior. You read that correctly; there are 16 cupholders in the Honda Pilot to handle all of the many types of drinks you dole out to your family while running errands. There is a lot of talk about the high seating position for the driver; it allows you to see the road and makes you feel like you are the head of the household.

    Make You Pilot Work for Your Family

    Depending on trim levels and preference, you can opt for the bench seat in the second row or choose the two bucket seats instead. The bench seat means you can seat eight, while the buckets lower that to seven. It likely boils down to how many passengers you need to transport, but the bucket seat option gives slightly more comfort. What you will find somewhat surprising is how much room you have in the third row of seating. Many SUVs offer third-row seating that makes you feel like you are sitting in a timeout for being naughty. Sure, they are best suited for kids, but there will be times when adults or teens have to suffer a commute in the third row. So you will be happy to hear that the third row of seating in the Pilot offers a decent amount of space; it is your reward for being good.

    Another appealing aspect of the Honda Pilot is the fact that you can store just about everything you might bring along for a short trip. All you have to do is look around the cabin of the Pilot, and you will spot all sorts of storage spots for items like smartphones, tablets, laptops, sunglasses, and whatever items your kids will inevitably bring with them every time you go on an errand. It is quite evident that the design team behind the interior configuration knew rather well that families need plenty of places to store stuff.

    Cargo space is also a consideration when choosing the right type of vehicle for your needs. Whether you have a family or not, you will appreciate the larger than average cargo space in the back. Kudos to the designers who really got the most out of the interior space. As anybody with kids will attest, you pack up a whole lot of gear when you go on a family adventure. So while drivers without families will utilize the cargo space according to needs, families who own a Pilot are sure to pack it with strollers, bikes, and a fully-packed diaper bag. Just know that when the kids get older, you can pack your Pilot with the things you desire, like camping gear and water skis, or snow skis depending on the season.

  • Features

    A close up shows the badging and passenger taillight on a black 2022 Honda Pilot Black Edition.

    Interior Features

    The Pilot is equipped with an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system with seven speakers. The higher trim levels kick in three extra speakers. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard, and you can enjoy available goodies, including navigation, a wireless charger, and a larger screen. In addition, there is an optional rear-seat entertainment system that would be quite handy in many instances. While the passengers in the front enjoy their chosen form of entertainment while driving, the occupants in the back seat enjoy their own separate programming.

    The rear-seat entertainment system is quite a lifesaver for those with children in particular. The system includes two sets of wireless headphones, a 10.2-inch screen with Blu-ray compatibility, and a high-definition multimedia interface that allows for gaming technology and cameras to be attached. The system is designed to keep passengers in the back fully connected to all of their favorite devices and entertained for hours on end.

    Safety Features

    The Honda Pilot comes with a slew of safety features that include Adaptive Cruise Control, a Lane Keeping Assist System, and a Forward Collision Warning. Sensors in the rear bumper will alert you when there are vehicles in your blind spot, which makes changing lanes on a crowded highway a lot less stressful. These same sensors are also utilized for cross-traffic monitoring, which is a big help when you are trying to back out of a crowded parking lot. The multi-angle rearview camera will give you an excellent view of what lurks behind you; there are three views, including normal, top-down, and wide.

    Special Edition

    By far, the most compelling option the 2022 Honda Pilot has to offer is the much-talked-about Black Edition. Let’s just say that the Black Edition takes the Pilot to a whole new level and makes it look nothing like a family-friendly ride. The Black Edition is equipped with a wide range of blacked-out features, including a blackout grille trim, door sash, black-painted wheels, and more. On the interior, you will enjoy red seat stitching and red ambient lighting. You will definitely want to look more into this option.

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