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2022 Honda Accord Hybrid

  • Overview

    A white 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring is angled left.

    When you think of a model like the 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid, do you immediately think of a modern sedan designed to engineer a greener future? While this is certainly the case, the hybrid moniker isn’t necessarily a new addition to the Accord lineup. Surprised? Most people are when they learn Honda introduced the Accord Hybrid in 2005, years before other automakers would devote themselves to building a greener, electrified future with zero emissions.

    The debut of the 2005 Accord Hybrid, which was the first V6-powered hybrid vehicle in the world, reveals Honda’s longstanding commitment to innovation and its leadership in the industry. Today, the 2022 Accord Hybrid carries that torch and, as Honda promises, is designed to take you farther than you ever imagined. With its 212-horsepower hybrid powertrain and an estimated combined fuel efficiency rating of 47 mpg, there’s no question that this is entirely possible.[b]

    Starting at only $26,670, the 2022 Accord Hybrid is one of the most affordable hybrids in the midsize sedan segment.[a] Honda’s reputation in the industry adds to the sedan’s value along with its suite of innovative technology that stretches from intuitive displays and smartphone integration to driver-assist and safety features that engineer confidence when you’re behind the wheel. Powerful, efficient, versatile, and fun to drive, the 2022 Accord Hybrid is everything you never knew you needed in a sedan until now.


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    Cargo Space (cu.ft.)

    Starting at

    $26,670 [a]

  • Hybrid Performance

    A silver 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring is shown from the side parked in a modern gallery.

    Advanced Engineering for Efficiency and Power

    The 2022 Accord Hybrid is equipped with perhaps the most advanced two-motor hybrid powertrain in the industry. The in-line four-cylinder engine delivers 143 horsepower and 129 lb-ft of torque, while the AC synchronous permanent-magnet electric motor delivers 181 horsepower and 232 lb-ft of torque. This combination pushes the Accord Hybrid to 212 total horsepower and delivers the power you need exactly when you need it.

    The two-motor hybrid powertrain is mated to Honda’s electronic continuously variable transmission that seamlessly balances the sedan’s power with efficiency to deliver responsive handling and an enjoyable driving experience. This efficiency is impressive, with the Accord Hybrid estimating 48 MPG in the city and 47 MPG on the highway for a total of 47 MPG combined.[b] What’s truly impressive is that you can monitor this efficiency and the sedan’s performance using two innovative features–the Hybrid Driver Information Interface and Honda’s drive modes. The Hybrid Driver Information Interface gives you a real-time view of the Accord Hybrid’s performance by providing a crisp view of your average fuel economy and your range.

    Using the information from the display, you can tailor the Accord Hybrid’s performance. For example, if you want to maximize efficiency, you can switch the sedan into EV mode that relies solely on the electric motor. For everyday driving, you can balance the use of the electric motor and the gas-powered engine with ECON mode that improves fuel efficiency without relying solely on one component. Finally, Sport mode tailors the Accord Hybrid’s throttle, steering, and engine for a more engaging experience behind the wheel.

  • Trims

    Four Available Hybrid Options

    You’ll find plenty of options in the Accord Hybrid’s 2022 lineup that starts with the Hybrid and ends with the luxurious Touring. For $26,670, you’ll get behind the wheel of the Accord Hybrid that, despite being at the bottom of the lineup, is anything but basic.* The sedan comes standard with smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as a variety of advanced safety and driver-assist tools like Honda’s Road Departure Mitigation System and Collision Mitigation Braking System.

    The base Hybrid trim lays the foundation for the Accord Hybrid Sport, which gives the sedan a sporty aesthetic and adds an array of intuitive technology. Sitting on 19-inch alloy wheels, the Hybrid Sport is recognizable by its Gloss-Black rear spoiler. Inside, it features a 12-way power driver’s seat for added convenience as well as wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which means you can leave your charging cables at home.

    More Features in the Higher Hybrid Trims

    The Hybrid EX-L is the crossroads of affordability and opulence, with its leather-trimmed interior offering exceptional comfort regardless of the length of your journey. You’ll find the EX-L boasts a 10-speaker premium audio system that delivers an immersive listening experience from every seat in the sedan. The power front seats with driver’s memory ensure you can get in the sedan and go without having to readjust the driver’s seat, while the addition of tools like the Blind Spot Information with Cross Traffic Monitor extends your visibility wherever the road leads.

    The Hybrid Touring is the top of the line in the 2022 lineup and, like the Sport, sits on 19-inch alloy wheels. Designed with your comfort in mind, the Touring is the epitome of opulence, with its leather interior replete with heated and ventilated front seats. The center touchscreen display not only offers access to your favorite apps but is home to the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System that ensures you’re always on the most efficient route. Other features include LED lighting, parking sensors, and a head-up display that puts vital information in a crisp display on the windshield to ensure your focus stays on the road ahead.

  • Technology

    The black interior of a 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring shows the steering wheel and infotainment screen.

    Intuitive Features Keep You Connected

    Technology is plentiful on the 2022 Accord Hybrid as Honda equips the sedan with intuitive technology that keeps you connected and informed at all times. The Accord Hybrid’s connectivity features are centralized in the standard 8-inch touchscreen display where you can seamlessly sync your smartphone using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. This puts your favorite apps at your fingertips with an intuitive display that’s both familiar and responsive.

    The Accord Hybrid’s center display is also home to a WiFi hotspot that transforms the sedan into a mobile office or entertainment venue, which ensures you and your passengers stay connected. On the top-tier Hybrid Touring, you’ll find the display is also home to the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System. Unlike many others in the industry, Honda’s navigation system doesn’t rely on cell phone signals to access maps, which means it functions even when you lose cell reception. This engineers confidence while advanced features like lane guidance make navigating the road ahead easier by alerting you to upcoming turns so that you have plenty of time to plan and respond.

    Beyond giving you the necessary tools to sync your smartphone and navigate the quickest route, Honda gives you more control over the Accord Hybrid with another exceptional feature–HondaLink. As an app that you can download on your smartphone, HondaLink puts control of the Accord Hybrid in the palm of your hands. Depending on trim, the feature allows you to remotely start the sedan so that it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter before you get behind the wheel. You can use the app to remotely lock and unlock the doors, receive security alarm alerts when the sedan’s alarm is triggered, and learn more about your driving style with a unique scoring system that’s designed to help you get the most out of the Accord.

  • Safety Features

    A grey 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring is shown parked in a modern driveway as a person and dog walk by.

    Confidence Behind the Wheel

    Honda wants you to have confidence and control the moment you get behind the wheel. To engineer this, the automaker equips the 2022 Accord Hybrid with cutting-edge safety and driver-assist tools that extend your visibility and actively minimize the potential for collision. For example, the sedan’s high-beam headlights automatically brighten and dim to enhance your visibility and minimize the chance of blinding oncoming traffic in low-light conditions. The multi-angle rearview camera also extends your view around the sedan, giving you the confidence to navigate the Accord Hybrid around obstacles or in and out of congested parking areas.

    The Accord Hybrid’s available Blind Spot Information System keeps an eye on the sedan’s blind spots and alerts you as needed to make changing lanes easier and stress-free. The Cross Traffic Monitor watches the rear of the sedan for crossing traffic to save your bumper from unforeseen rear-end collisions. Low Speed Braking Control works in conjunction with these and many other safety features. When traveling at under 6 mph, the system can bring the sedan to a stop if it detects that a frontal or rear collision is imminent.

    The Honda Sensing Driver-Assist Suite

    While these features are truly impressive, the Honda Sensing suite of driver-assist tools truly sets the 2022 Accord Hybrid apart in the segment. Standard on every trim, the suite is designed to heighten your awareness behind the wheel and make your driving experience both safer and more enjoyable. Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow is a great example of the latter because it automatically monitors the flow of traffic and adjusts the sedan’s cruising speed as needed. It can even slow and stop the sedan in rush-hour traffic, which dramatically impacts your commute.

    The suite’s Collision Mitigation Braking System can bring the Accord Hybrid to an emergency stop when a frontal collision is imminent, while the Road Departure Mitigation System helps you keep the sedan on the road by alerting you when you drift out of your lane without signaling, providing steering assistance or applying the brakes. Honda’s Lane Keeping Assist System makes driving long stretches of highway easier by subtly adjusting the steering wheel to keep the Accord Hybrid centered in its lane. Last but far from least, Traffic Sign Recognition is an integral part of the sedan’s driver-assist suite since it displays vital traffic information on the driver information display or the head-up display to eliminate any guesses as to what the speed limit actually is.

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