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Tires to Battle the Four Seasons of Winter
Snow is just the start! Winter Tires provide enhanced control in dry, wet, freezing rain, ice and snow conditions, delivering 25-50% more traction then All Season Tires. Designed to remain pliable in temperatures below 45 degrees, Winter Tires also provide up to a 42% improvement in stopping distance, and increase traction control.

Why Winter Wheels?
Installing your Winter Tires on a dedicated set of Winter Wheels will not only prolong the looks of your summer wheels by saving them from harsh road salts and sand, they will also save you the costs associated with mounting and balancing the tires each season. In addition, both your Winter and Summer Tires will benefit from not having to endure the added fatigue of being mounted or dismounted every season.

But Do I Really Need Winter Tires?
The primary concern that our customers express is that they don’t want to get “stuck” in the snow (or in the ditch) during the winter.

We all know that tires are a compromise, all season tires require tread designs and compounds that maximize long, even wear…not winter traction. And while many of today’s all-season tires (Original Equipment, touring and performance) address some of these issues, they still emphasize longer wear, a quieter ride or greater performance…not winter traction. Only Winter Tires are designed to excel in the colder temperatures, slush, snow and ice that many parts of the country experience for three or more months a year.

It’s also important to note that the recent advancements in electronic driver aids, such as ABS and traction control don’t provide more traction. They only help prevent drivers from over braking or overpowering the available traction of their tires. The only thing the driver can do to increase traction…to actually get more grip and control…is install better tires.

Won’t All-Season Tires Work Just Fine?
By design, All-Season tires are a compromise intended to provide acceptable traits under a wide variety of conditions. Specific winter tires deliver much better snow and ice performance than All-Season tires because their tread designs and tread compounds are engineered to master those conditions, while summer tires are engineered to deliver better handling in the rain and on dry roads. Why not have the best tires for each conditions of the you’ll encounter?

Why Four Winter Tires? I Thought I Would Only Need Two.
Today’s winter tires are better at providing ice and snow traction than ever before. 7 out of 10 vehicle manufactures recommended four wheel tires be used on rear wheel, front wheel or four wheel drive vehicles. This is because if you use two dissimilar types of tires on your vehicle, you’ll have a vehicle that has “split” personality. One end of the vehicle won’t react and perform the same as the other in the dry, wet, slush and snow conditions you’ll encounter before the end of winter. Especially in emergency situations, you’ll find that your vehicle will probably under-steer in one condition and over-steer in another. It is preferable to keep your vehicle handling as consistently as possible by “matching” all four tires. Our customers who have matched their tires tell us they’re glad they made the extra investment in four winter tires.

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