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Gather ‘Round for Perfect Movie Night

Cold weather offers perfect opportunities for friends and families to enjoy a movie night. Cozy up together in front of the TV, enjoy some snacks, figure out what everyone wants to watch, and then argue afterward about what the director intended, and which actor did the best job.

Here are some ideas for making movie nights special.

  • Satisfy taste buds. Offer a variety of salty, sweet, crunchy and chewy snacks. For something new, try mixing chocolate and popcorn. All that’s needed are three ingredients: popcorn, white chocolate and sprinkles. Pop the popcorn while the white chocolate melts, gently mix them together, then shake the colored sprinkles on top.
  • Keep things cozy. Plenty of pillows and blankets to keep everyone warm and snuggly, and are handy to shield during scary movie scenes. People can even easily make no-sew movie blankets. For one blanket, visit a craft store and pick out two  pieces of fleece, about 1 and one-half yards, in attractive pattern or color. Next, lay the two pieces directly on top of each other and cut strips about 1 inch wide and 4 inches high around all sides of the blanket. Tie each strip of the bottom fabric to the top fabric in a knot so it looks like there is a fringe around all sides of the blanket. Finally, cozy up on the couch and watch the movie, in a blanket all your own.
  • Find out about film. Nobody likes to feel out of the loop on buzz-worthy-movies. Get the skinny on plots and read reviews at sites such as movies.com, allmovie.com or redbox.com/staffpicks – just Google “guide to movies.” Those sites also have suggestions for viewing, plus a rundown on which movies are hot ans what other movies buffs are watching in their living rooms.
  • Create a theme. Make movie nights a regular occurrence or find time for more than one movie and select a creative theme for the night that is fun for the whole group.
  • Offer some choices. Spread a selection of Blue-rays or DVDs on the table for the group to choose from. More options will ensure there’s something for everyone.

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