2017 July Newsletter

Recently at Ronald McDonald House
Thank you to the Ronald McDonald House Charities® for our recent opportunity to serve and contribute towards your local Rochester NY organization. Pictured above are some of our team members who enjoyed helping in the RMHC gardens and collecting items of need.

The stated mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities® is to create, find, and support programs that directly improve the health and well being of children. They accomplish this locally through their 20-bedroom “home away from home”, House Within the Hospital at the Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong, Family Lounge on the Pediatric Floor at the Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong, and by funding programs that improve the health outcomes for children in our area.

To further help the RMHC, click the following link to donate or volunteer: www.rmhcrochester.org

Summerbration is ON at Ralph!
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*36 month closed end lease. 2017 Civic Sedan LX CVT: MSRP $20,375 – FC2F5HEW, $3499 trade or cash down. First payment, $595 acquisition fee, taxes and DMV fees due at signing.12,000 miles/year. $0.15 overage. To qualified buyers through AHFC. Offer valid through 9/5/2017.
*36 month closed end lease. 2017 Accord LX Sedan CVT: MSRP $23,990 – CR2F3HEW, $3499 trade or cash down. First payment, $595 acquisition fee, taxes and DMV fees due at signing.12,000 miles/year. $0.15 overage. To qualified buyers through AHFC. Offer valid through 9/5/2017.

Summer Deals BuyBack Event
Own a 2011 or Newer Vehicle?
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2018 Honda Odyssey — Now In Stock!
Service Tips

What are the causes of misaligned wheels?
There are three main causes of wheel misalignment, these are:
1. Sudden jarring or heavy impact caused by hitting something, such as a pothole, bumping a curb, or a road accident.
2. Worn parts caused by wear and tear. Over time, parts such as suspension springs can become worn and slack, leading to a shift in the wheel alignment. In this case, prevention is more effective than cure; so regular service checks are necessary.
3. Height modification, when suspension has not been changed to suit. Car suspension is designed to work at a certain height, and if you adjust the height of your vehicle without also adjusting the suspension, your car will probably suffer from wheel misalignment.

What are the symptoms of misaligned wheels?
If you experience any of the following problems, you should get your car checked out, as your wheel alignment may need adjusted:
• Tires wearing abnormally/unevenly
• Car drifts to one side when driving
• Steering wheel does not return easily after a turn
• Steering wheel is crooked or vibrates
• There is a squealing noise coming from your tires
The first symptom here is the most obvious, and can be checked easily by running your hand carefully over your car’s tires.
For another easy check to see if your wheels need realigned, drive on a straight stretch of road with no crown and briefly let go of the steering wheel to see if the car veers to the left or right. A correctly aligned car will stay straight. Crowned roads may cause vehicle to move to one side.

What problems do misaligned wheels cause?
Uneven wear can seriously impair a tire’s performance, and can even put lives at risk as an unevenly worn tire is at risk of a blowout.
Misaligned wheels also have poorer fuel economy, as misaligned wheels have greater resistance with the road, leading to higher gas usage. Experts have found that by adopting preventative wheel alignment, there was an improvement of up to 20% longer tire life and 1- 4 miles per gallon better mileage.
Cars suffering from misalignment will experience rapid or irregular tire wear, meaning they need to be replaced much sooner.
Your fuel bills will also be increased adding further expense to your motoring. Furthermore, when the wheels are misaligned, your car may become less stable, which may be a particular problem when having to take emergency or evasive action. As wheels can become misaligned through general wear or tear or every day occurrences like hitting a pothole or the curb, it’s important to have your car’s alignment checked regularly.’

How can wheel alignment be fixed?
In order to perform an alignment, you must take your car to an experienced mechanic, who will use a wheel alignment machine to check the alignment and adjust the components accordingly, so that the car is brought back to its proper configuration. We recommend the dealer, they know your vehicle and what to look for.

The three main angles where adjustments will be made are the camber, caster and toe. These sound rather complicated to us, but here is a quick summary of what each relates to:

Camber – This is the ‘tilt’ relative to the road at which the tire sits. Positive camber is when the top of the wheel leans away from the car, and negative camber is when the top of the wheel leans in towards the car.
Caster – Caster is harder to conceptualize, but involves the angle created by the steering’s pivot point from the front to back of the vehicle. Caster is positive if the line is angled forward, and negative if backward.
Toe – Toe settings affect the handling capabilities of the vehicle related to the direction of the tires relative to the center line of the vehicle.

Regular Maintenance
Prevention is better than cure when it comes to wheel alignment, as you can save more by keeping on top of it. If your wheel alignment is checked regularly, you will see the following benefits:
• Tires will last longer
• Vehicle handling and comfort will be optimized
• Fuel consumption and energy use will be reduced
It is recommended that your wheel alignment be checked at least every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Employee Spotlight
Meet Adam Maslyn our Afternoon/Evening Dispatcher:

I grew up in Canandaigua, now live in Pittsford with my wife Karen and our new baby girl Eliza. I am a huge sports fan, and enjoy hiking, camping and outdoor activities. I enjoy relaxing with friends and family, and enjoy going to see live music, as well as traveling.

– Adam

Ways to Help Our Community
Summer At The Shelf
Every year it is the same story; as the end of school approaches, we face dwindling supplies of food at the Greece Food Shelf. Fully 52% of the children in the Greece School District are eligible for free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch during the school year. In summer, parents are faced with the need to provide three meals a day at home. For the Food Shelf to respond to increasing requests for food emergency assistance, we ask your help in keeping our shelves stocked. Here’s how you can help. Ask your church or business to sponsor at least one Food Drive this summer. If you are having a get-together or a party, please ask your guests to bring canned and boxed food, especially canned meats and fruit. Talk with your neighbors about the need. Perhaps you may have a neighborhood food drive! Please deliver all donated food to the Food Shelf at 500 Maiden Lane on Mondays from 9-11am. If that is not convenient, call the Food Shelf pager at 277-5370 to make other arrangements. Monetary donations make it possible to purchase food in bulk at local stores. Send these donations to GEFS 500 Maiden Lane Rochester, NY 14616 ATTN Treasurer.Thoughts From The Chair
The Food Shelf continues to be a bee hive of activity. Each month we serve an average of 458 people providing enough food for three meals a day for one week. Serving that many people each month requires many dedicated people. Verifires document the nee, Dispatchers call the Drivers and Drivers deliver the food. In addition, many others work behind the scenes at the Food Shelf accepting donations, stocking the shelves, packing and distributing boxes, reviewing the inventory, and shopping for items that are not donated. Still others work from home keeping records; scheduling drivers, verifiers, and dispatchers; preparing publicity materials; and other tasks. Everyone is important — and we greatly appreciate what each person contributes!We have about 190 volunteers, many whom serve in ore than one capacity. While that sounds like a lot of people, we always need new volunteers to take over when current volunteers step aside because of family, personal, or career circumstances. If you or a friend are interested in volunteering or in taking on a new task, please contact Polly McCubbin at gefs.volunteer@gmail.com to learn about current opportunities. We are always delighted to welcome new volunteers!
Upcoming Events
July 21: 1st Day of Summer
July 25: North Greece Fire Dept Firematic Racing Tournament – www.northgreecefd.com
August 5-6: Park Ave Summer Arts Festival
August 12: Duck Derby
August 12-13: Brockport Summer Arts Festival – www.brockportartsfestival.com
The Civic Type R
The fastest Honda Civic introduced in the U.S., the Civic Type R is new for 2017 with an aggressive and powerful new design. It arrived to Ralph Honda on June 16th and sold in less than an hour! The happy customer featured above is shown taking delivery with Ralph Honda sales consultant, Dave Moffett, on June 26th.