2016 October Newsletter

Honda News
Honda’s Superhot Civic Type R Looks Absolutely Insane

At a time when small car sales are generally suffering, Honda has found a hit in its newly redesigned Civic. Now, it plans to kick it up a notch.

The performance concept version of the Civic, the Type R, just made its debut last week at the Paris auto show, and will make its first appearance in the U.S. next month. It comes to showrooms next year.

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Service Tips
Tips for Fall Car Care Month

October is Fall Car Care Month. Why not take a little time to be car care aware and make sure your vehicle is ready for the harsh winter weather ahead? Taking a few simple steps now can save you the headaches and cost of an emergency breakdown later, says the Car Care Council.

Whether you do it yourself or take your car to a professional service technician, the Car Care Council recommends five proactive steps to make sure your car is ready for winter driving.

1. Battery – Keep the battery connections clean, tight and corrosion-free. Cold weather is hard in batteries, so it’s wise to check the battery and charging system. Because batteries don’t always give warning signs before they fail, it is advisable to replace batteries that are more than three years old.

2. Heater, Defrosters and Wiper Blades – Check that the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system are working properly as heating and cooling performance is critical for interior comfort and for safety reasons, such as defrosting. Fall is also a great time to check your air filters. Wiper blades that are torn, cracked or don’t properly clean your windshield should be replaced. As a general rule, wiper blades should be replaced every six months. When changing the blades, be sure to also check the fluid level in the windshield washer reservoir.

3. Tires – Check the tires, including the tire pressure and tread depth. Uneven wear indicates a need for wheel alignment. Tires should also be checked for bulges and bald spots. If snow and ice are a problem in your area, consider special tires designed to grip slick roads. During winter, tire pressure should be checked weekly as tires lose pressure when temperatures drop.

4. Brakes – Have the brake system checked, including brake linings, rotors and drums. Brakes are critical to vehicle safety and particularly important when driving on icy or snow-covered roads.

Featured Receipe
Candy Corn Cookies

1 pkg (8oz) cream cheese, softened
1 cup butter or margarine, softened
2/3 cup sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
2-1/2 cup flour
1 pkg (3oz) JELL-O orange flavor gelatin
1 pkg (3oz) JELL-O lemon flavor gelatin
1/4 cup water, divided

1. Heat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Beat cream cheese, butter, sugar and vanilla in large bowl with mixer until blended. Gradually add flour, mixing well after each addition. Shape into 12-inch log. (Dough will be sticky.) Refrigerate 30 min.; reshape into triangular-shaped log.
3. Cut dough into 1/4-inch-thick slices; place, 2 inches apart, on baking sheet.
4. Bake 12 to 15 min. or until edges are lightly browned. Cool on baking sheets 1 min. Remove to wire racks; cool completely
5. Bake 12 to 15 min. or until edges are lightly browned. Cool on baking sheets 1 min. Remove to wire racks; cool completely
Upcoming Events
October 31st – Happy Halloween!
November 8th – Go out and Vote
November 11th – Veterans Day
Spooky Facts About Halloween
  1. Because the movie Halloween (1978) was on such a tight budget, they had to use the cheapest mask they could find for the character Michael Meyers, which turned out to be a William Shatner Star Trek mask. Shatner initially didn’t know the mask was in his likeness, but when he found out years later, he said he was honored.
  2. The first Jack O’Lanterns were actually made from turnips.
  3. Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas.
  4. The word “witch” comes from the Old English wicce, meaning “wise woman.” In fact, wiccan were highly respected people at one time. According to popular belief, witches held one of their two main meetings, or sabbats, on Halloween night.
  5. Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.
  6. Fifty percent of kids prefer to receive chocolate candy for Halloween, compared with 24% who prefer non-chocolate candy and 10% who preferred gum.
  7. The owl is a popular Halloween image. In Medieval Europe, owls were thought to be witches, and to hear an owl’s call meant someone was about to die.
  8. According to Irish legend, Jack O’Lanterns are named after a stingy man named Jack who, because he tricked the devil several times, was forbidden entrance into both heaven and hell. He was condemned to wander the Earth, waving his lantern to lead people away from their paths.
  9. The largest pumpkin ever measured was grown by Norm Craven, who broke the world record in 1993 with a 836 lb. pumpkin.
  10. Stephen Clarke holds the record for the world’s fastest pumpkin carving time: 24.03 seconds, smashing his previous record of 54.72 seconds. The rules of the competition state that the pumpkin must weigh less than 24 pounds and be carved in a traditional way, which requires at least eyes, nose, ears, and a mouth.
Thank You To Our Veterans
While those who died are also remembered, Veterans Day is the day set aside to thank and honor ALL those who served honorably in the military — in wartime or peacetime. In fact, Veterans Day is largely intended to thank LIVING veterans for their service, to acknowledge that their contributions to our national security are appreciated, and to underscore the fact that all those who served — not only those who died — have sacrificed and done their duty.
Sharing Human Food with Your Dog
Sharing food with Fido is OK… sometimes

Your pooch’s eyes longingly looking up at you while you are eating can be too hard to resist, right? So, you think, a few scraps can’t hurt, right? Well it depends.

While many healthy human foods, especially fruits and vegetables, are safe for dogs, others are unhealthy and could be downright dangerous to canines. Dogs digest foods differently from humans.